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MTGS Deck Box Tome Sage 100 Double Sleeved - Black

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One (1) Deckbox that holds up to 100 double sleeved or 120 single sleeved cards.

Color Exterior: Black

Color Interior: Red

Protect your decks with MTGS Tome protection! Our Tome line of deck boxes are quality through and through.  Coming in various size this is the Sage 100 box.

- Wraps around your deck to keep it safe and secure.

- Holds up to 100 double sleeved or 120 single sleeved cards. (Pictured 100 Commander deck single sleeved, with tokens, and life counter)

- Durable textured PU Leather outer cover.

- Interior is made from soft microfiber lining to coddle your cards.

- Extra strength magnets ensure that the Tome deck box will remain closed.

- Easy Grip cutouts so you can easily get your cards out of the box.


You spent a lot for that deck, now protect it like it deserves.

Additionally this box is guaranteed to minimize mulligans*!

*All claims about minimizing mulligans are fictious in nature, or are they....